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We at Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School are committed to offer our students Indian ethos through the research, rationalize and reflect. The curriculum is designed to help each student to reach his/her full potential by providing a wide general education, encouraging a community spirit and sense of responsibility. Our School aims at helping the child to develop every facet of his/her personality. Our efforts are directed at preparing the students to be disciplined, fearless, curious and well-informed human beings in rapidly changing world. The students at Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School at the end of their educational journey will emerge to be both inquirers & thinkers, qualities of a global citizen.

We follow CHSE curriculum for XI & XII Science classes.

Compulsory Subject

  1. English,
  2. Alternative English / Odia / Sanskrit / Hindi (A student has to choose any one subject)

Apart from Compulsory subject a student must choose any one optional group mentioned below.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Information Technology / Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology / Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology

“Jupiter model of Teaching and Learning”. All basic concepts are covered in our curriculum, which uses interactive board-based learning methods. For various units, we have expert teachers. We want to help students discover their latent potential and develop their abilities by giving opportunities through various activities and healthy competition.

Our syllabus ensures a student's success not just in board exams, but also in competitive exams such as NEET and JEE. Ex-IITians who have cracked the examinations code provide advice and classes as part of the programme.

For each chapter that needs to be practiced, students are given study materials and worksheets. These have been created by our team of qualified tutors and are self-contained for practice. If a student practice these thoroughly, he or she will undoubtedly achieve good grades.

Jupiter's Evaluation System includes a lot of continuous examination such as: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual Tests. Results are intimated to their parents through SMS.

  1. Monthly Tests: These tests are conducted on a monthly basis from the portion completed in that month in objective & subjective mode.
  2. Quarterly Tests: Once every three months, these tests are administered with quarterly sections.
  3. Half-Yearly Tests: These tests are given when half of the course has been completed.
  4. Annual Tests: These tests are given once the entire syllabus has been completed.

Our school teachers give Booster Classes after school hours for students with poor academic performance, which assist them in improving their grades in the subjects in which they are weak.

If any students miss courses due to justifiable reasons such as illness or an essential social function, we hold remedial classes.

Each student is assigned to a teacher who is accountable for the student's academic performance. The mentor ensures that the child's study plan at home is correct and that the child is sufficiently motivated. He also ensures that the child has the least amount of academic trouble and that all of his or her issues are addressed. We maintain teacher student ratio of 1:15.

Entrance tutoring for NEET, JEE, BITS, NISER and other entrance exams is provided by a different set of faculties recruited from nationally renowned coaching schools.

We divide students into different batches based on their career goals.

Transferring dreams into reality by developing an individual’s potentials through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment.

Our Campus
Jupiter Women’s Science Higher Secondary School
N5/533, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar
+91 9439489157
+91 9439489158
Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School

Near Old Toll Plaza,
Adjacent to NH-16,
Gangapada, Bhubaneswar
+91 9439489157
+91 9439489158

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