Multifarious Activities Labs

Science is a one-of-a-kind subject because of its investigations and experiments. The appeal of practical work should not be overlooked, it is frequently the motivating reason behind the decision to advance one’s education. First and foremost, science laboratories are facilities where experiments are conducted. Our labs are specifically constructed and equipped to encourage experimentation and invention.

Physics Lab

Our Physics lab is well-equipped. The school intends to provide our pupils with a vibrant and fascinating worldwide educational experience.

Chemistry Lab

To stimulate innovative and critical chemical research projects, our Chemistry department provides students with a broad education in the basic processes of the chemical world. We have a cutting-edge laboratory equipped with all of the necessary chemicals for the studies. From the atomic and molecular level to the macroscopic level, our curriculum will provide you with a thorough understanding of chemical facts, structure, characteristics, and evolution.

Biology Lab

JHSS features a separate Biology Laboratory that is well-equipped with all of the instruments and gear needed to conduct biological science practical’s according to the CHSE Board’s syllabus. The studies carried out in our lab are related to quality control activities in the field of biological research and development.

IT Lab

This is the era of the computer and rapidly evolving information technology. The school’s goal is to educate and prepare pupils for future problems. We provide extensive computer introduction and training in light of the rapidly changing socio-cultural environment and expanding need for technology integration. We have a computer lab that is well-equipped. Our School provides a vivid and engaging worldwide educational exposure to our pupils through on-line Internet service.

Transferring dreams into reality by developing an individual’s potentials through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment.

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