Green Campus

JSHSS is spread over a huge campus of 20 acres. Out of this 40% is filled with greenery. The pollution-free campus and state-of-the-art buildings are the distinguishing features of JPS infrastructure.

Digital Classrooms

Our classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. All our classrooms are large enough to occupy the student’s strength as per the government norms. The main focus is on providing flexible teaching spaces and a close connection with our fantastic outdoor environment.

Multifarious Labs

Investigation and experiments make science a one-of-a-kind subject. The enjoyment of practical tasks cannot be underestimated, it can often be the driving force behind the decision to take learning to the next level. The science laboratories, first of all, are places for experiments. Our labs are uniquely designed and fully equipped to foster experiments and innovation.


It is said that books are our best friends. At our school we have a large library resources centre having variety of books, selected volumes besides housing a variety of other resources material. Our Library houses 10,000 physical books. The students are encouraged to explore beyond their studies to expand their knowledge.

Sophisticated Studios

During the epidemic, our school built five new, very modern studios to allow our students to take online classes.


Jupiter is Odisha’s first school to add two CNG buses to its fleet. Both hostel boarders and day boarding students have access to well-organized transportation.


Our air-conditioned auditorium is designed to allow audiences to hear and view acts. A number of extracurricular events are held here to promote pupils’ inherent qualities and to alleviate stage fright, both of which aid in personality development. This auditorium has a capacity of 500 people.


We at Jupiter strongly believe that every student should take up a sport to compete and excel. We are committed to provide infrastructure, coaching, and exposure to these students to reach their full potential. We recognize sports not only as an instrument of physical wellness but also as character builder.


Our school has an ATM that may be used to withdraw money using any bank’s debit card. The school keeps cash on hand round the clock.

Transferring dreams into reality by developing an individual’s potentials through spread of knowledge and wisdom in an intelligent environment.

Our Campus
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Jupiter Science Higher Secondary School

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