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100% Results

100% Results in 2014,2015, 2016,2017,2018 & 2019 and successfully functioning with a propitious mission of leading the students to excellence since 2002

Skilled Lecturers

Top lecturers have joined Jupiter providing the guidance for the bright future of our students.

Good Hostel Facilities

Separate Hostel for Boys and girls with inhouse superintendents


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Jupiter +2 Science College

Like a good institution, Jupiter +2 Science College has established itself. Way back 2002, Jupiter emerged with a new concept to meet the growing demand for a quality +2 Science College. In course of 13 years’ time the College has grown to one of the most respected & reliable +2 Science Colleges in Orissa.

The college, ostensibly the largest in terms of students strength and one of the few widely networked +2 Science colleges of the country, has been innovating and incorporating many of the aspects for +2 Science education of which most would only talk about.

  • Beautiful Classrooms
  • Sports Activities
  • Secure Building
  • Multimedia Class
  • Pick and Drop
  • Play Ground
  • Music and Art Class
  • Breakfast – Lunck


Jupiter takes great care and precision in designing its Academics for its students. Experts work very hard prior to the start of each academic year and come up with solutions.


Courses Offered

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Fee Structure

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Result Analysis

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In terms of infrastructure and technology support, Jupiter is top among the other schools in its class in Orissa. All the galleries and class rooms are spacious and air conditioned enough to ensure fatigue-free teaching and learning inside the class rooms.
Teaching is imparted with the help of LCD Projector and hi-fi acoustic arrangements. Audibility is evenly distributed throughout the classroom at an optimum decibel, which is electronically controlled.

  • Building Design & Plan
  • Learning Environment
  • Transportation
  • Play Spaces
  • Facility
  • Identify

Events & News

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